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Computer systems are vulnerable to many types of unsafe software exploits such as viruses, trojans, and worms (jointly referred to as "malware"). With no anti-virus software programs installed, there is a good chance that your MS Windows workstation might be contaminated by means of a virus. Personal-computers running Windows tend to be more susceptible to viruses than other operating systems (for example Linux or Mac etc) merely for the reason that the popularity of Microsoft operating systems systems attracts the most interest from virus creators.

If your desktop system becomes compromised through a virus, a possible choice is to look for a qualified specialist that provides both instant virus elimination services plus offers comprehensive software maintenance contracts to aid with any future virus related problems. If your PC is infected with a virus and you can't justify the expense of professional assistance, your only option might be a total MS Windows install. A complete Microsoft Windows installation (consisting of hard drive format and Windows re-installation) may take more than eight hours and computer professionals may ask for several hundred dollars to do the job.

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